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Hair loss is often caused by inactive hair follicles. N2C Hair Cream can trigger these follicles by activating the
collagen production under the skin. This strengthens weakened- and “fluffy” hair and assists with the growth
of stronger hair. Pending on the age and gender, the first results can be visible within one to two weeks. N2C
is perfectly safe to use and has no side effects. Where male users might be impaired by age, female
users do not seem to be affected.

N2C has been tested on 1500 volunteers over a period of 1.5 years. The results were excellent. The male success rate was more than 80%, whereas the chance of success with women was over 90%.

N2C Hair Cream is not a medication. It is a cosmetic hair cream based on organic plant extracts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any warnings? 2017-05-03T13:00:20+00:00
  • Avoid contact with eyes. If there is eye contact, rinse the eye with plenty of clean water.
  • N2C is for adult use only. Keep away from children.
  • Note: if there are no follicles present than hair growth cannot be expected.
How do I store N2C Hair Care Cream? 2017-05-03T13:00:20+00:00

Please store N2C Hair Care Cream in a dry, dark and cool place.

What is the shelf life of N2C Hair Care Cream? 2017-05-03T13:00:20+00:00

N2C Hair Care Cream shelf life is 2 years for unopened- and 1 year for opened bottles.

What about alopecia areata? 2017-05-03T13:00:20+00:00

We only came across a few people with this ailment and until now we have seen one positive result only.

What about androgenic alopecia? 2017-05-03T13:00:20+00:00

If the (active) hair follicles are in place, N2C Hair Care Cream can be used and depending on the age and gender results could be visible within 2 weeks.

What about DHT blockers and other medication? 2017-05-03T13:00:20+00:00

DHT users could experience hair loss when they stop using the DHT blockers (such as finasteride etc.). After a while N2C will show its effects. Some people prefer to reduce the DHT blocker intake over time when they start using N2C. The same might apply to other medication, such as minoxidil.

Can it be used for other hair growth? 2017-05-03T13:00:20+00:00

N2C can be used in eyebrow-, moustache- and beard areas. See “warnings”!

What is the result on juvenile hair and the hairline? 2017-05-03T13:00:21+00:00

Where there are (active) hair follicles, the hair will grow back.

What will grow back? 2017-05-03T13:00:21+00:00

Where there are (active) hair follicles, the hair will grow back.

What happens to thin hair? 2017-05-03T13:00:21+00:00
Is age of influence? 2017-05-03T13:00:21+00:00

Not for women. With younger men results appear quicker. It takes longer for middle aged- and older men to see results.

Do I have to use N2C Hair Care Cream forever? 2017-05-03T13:00:21+00:00

After the initial 3-6 month period, most people will use N2C Hair Care Cream every 7-10 days or once a month pending the results, with the exception of women.

How long do I have to use N2C Hair Care Cream for? 2017-05-03T13:00:21+00:00

You have to use N2C Hair Care Cream anything between 3-6 months pending the results, which will vary from person to person.

Can I use N2C Hair Care Cream together with other products? 2017-05-03T13:00:21+00:00

Please do not use dandruff shampoos and other ointments / treatments against hair loss when using N2C Hair Care Cream.

What shampoos can I use? 2017-05-03T13:00:21+00:00

Use only a mild- or baby shampoo or use our newly launched N2C shampoo. Do not use any dandruff shampoos.

Do I have to rinse the N2C Hair Care Cream after usage? 2017-05-03T13:00:21+00:00

You have to wash the hair and treated area with a mild shampoo after every use.

How long should N2C Hair Care Cream be left on the skin? 2017-05-03T13:00:21+00:00

The cream must be applied for a minimum of 3 hours. People prefer to apply N2C at night time.

How & when do I apply N2C Hair Care Cream? 2017-05-03T13:00:21+00:00

Once a day, rub the cream on the affected area and overlap the existing hair line slightly.

Are there any side effects? 2017-05-03T13:00:22+00:00

After about 2 weeks of usage some people (and this is mainly related to men) experienced some pimples on the treated scalp during the start of the treatment. Some people experienced a shiny skin and some thin, spiky hair to start with, but this disappears quickly. There are no other known side effects. Always check if one is not allergic to one of the ingredients. During the lengthy test period there were no other side effects recorded.

Is success guaranteed? 2017-05-03T13:00:22+00:00

We cannot guarantee anything for 100%. N2C Hair Care Cream has very high success rates with women of all ages and young men (90%). Older men still have a very good success rate, but it takes longer for the results to kick in.

How does N2C Hair Care Cream work? 2017-05-03T13:00:56+00:00

Looking at a bald skin through a microscope, one can see the hair roots but these produce only very short and fluffy hair. N2C Hair Care Cream activates the collagen in the skin, which in turn boosts the hair follicles to produce proper hair.

What is N2C Hair Care Cream? 2017-05-03T13:00:57+00:00

N2C Hair Care Cream is not a medicine. It is a cosmetic hair cream, based on organic plant extracts, which are boosted by using special production techniques.

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